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Improve Performance

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The biggest difference between a great athlete and a world class athlete could be their mental focus, such as having confidence, lack of nerves/doubts & maintaining a winning attitude.

All of which can be helped with hypnotherapy, Bruce Lee said "The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action" which is absolutely true and if you're reading this then I'm pretty sure that you can relate.

If simply thinking too much about a movement can have such a massive affect on your performance then imagine what other issues you may be suffering with that can be fixed by rewiring your unconscious mind.

This is also true with any type of performance from Sports Specific to Public Speaking & even Sexual Performance.

Hypnotherapy can help improve performance by:

  • Removing hesitations/freezing up/choking

  • Improve confidence

  • Adopt the mindset & persona of the top performer in your sport

  • Increase motivation

  • Program complex movement patterns into your subconscious & remove over thinking

  • Improve proprioception (body awareness)

  • Use previous successful performances as an anchor to recreate positive actions

  • Remove mental obstacles to success, such as fears/pressure to perform consistently well

  • Install a winning attitude & remove the "under dog" mentality

  • Improving nutritional intake

  • Assisting in controlling pain

  • Increasing concentration

  • And much more!

To truly reach your athletic potential, it's of paramount importance that you have control over your state of mind.

Whether you're an obstacle course racer, boxer, triathlete or golfer (& anything in between), there are massive gains to be made by adopting a positive mental attitude.

Your goals will be within your grasp as you program your mind to suppress any negative thoughts and install a winning performance pattern.

Being "in the zone" will no longer be a rarity but a regular part of your sports performance.

Hypnotherapy can help anyone improve whether your a complete novice or a world class athlete.

Many athletes including Tiger Woods & Muhammed Ali have used hypnotherapy to improve their performance.

It's now your turn to build a better you!

Unsure if hypnotherapy is for you?

Please see our FAQ's

Improve Performance 3 x session package (recommended) at only £299

Whatever you need to improve that requires mental focus, confidence, access to more positive states &/or better patterns of behaviour, this could work for you.

Individual session price 60 minutes: £120  per session

(No charge for any person deemed as unsuitable for hypnotherapy treatment during any initial consultation)

Cancellation Policy

Any session that's cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full


Sports Performance packages & prices

Berkshire Fitness & Wellbeing has a huge advantage over it's competition by having a fully qualified Hypnotherapist who also happens to be a Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist, which means we can offer the most comprehensive Sports performance packages in the area. Simply choose the best package for your lifestyle & budget:

Hypnosport - £299

A 3 session hypnotherapy package with focus on programming your unconscious mind to cope with any negativity and create a positive outcome. The 3 sessions will be around 60 minutes each & spaced 1-2 weeks apart consecutively.

Hypnosport Super - £649

A 4 week super package including everything Hypnosport has to offer with the added bonus of 2 Personal Training sessions per week.

The sessions will be tailored to your ability & fitness level with focus on improving your goals that we set during your consultation.

Substitutions for Sports Massage Therapy may be used to replace a maximum of 2 Personal Training sessions.

Personal Training is a mobile service (ask for details regarding our catchment area)

***Bespoke packages available on request***

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