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Free online taster session 


Memorial Red Rose

Remove the negative feeling from a bad memory

Discover a place in your mind to relax & feel calm

How will the session work?

The session will take place via zoom so you're welcome to use any compatible device.

To prepare for the session please ensure:

  • You are in a quiet place & have made the necessary steps to avoid being disturbed.

  • The camera is set up to show your torso from at least chest height to the top of your head.

  • You have sufficient time available (allow up to an hour).

  • You have a good internet connection.

  • You are open minded & prepared to have a great experience.


You will receive the zoom link a couple of minutes before the session so keep an eye out for that.

Let us know if you have any questions although most things can be discussed just before any hypnosis takes place anyway. You will be given a place in your mind to relax and feel calm before we remove the negative charge from a bad memory of yours. You'll then be left with a new, more positive outlook about that past experience. 

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