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Weight Loss

"Sorry it’s taken me a little time to leave feedback but I waited to make sure that this worked for me and I can say hand on heart it has 😊 I have a way to go on my journey yet but it’s been 10 weeks since my first session and I am down 1 stone and feel great in myself, I haven’t craved any chocolate or biscuits and no binging, I would have lost more weight if I could get out more.
Lee makes you feel at ease when you meet him, I had 3 online session which was very good and safe I would recommend Lee but you must be open minded and want it to work" Jill Miles

"Absolutely delighted with the results. Just a consultation and one socially distanced session . I've cracked my g & T every evening habit. If you are ready to make a change, Lee will work with you to reinforce your mindset. I'm so happy that l made the decision to break this habit and the weight is falling off which is a bonus!" Sunny Montague



What to expect from our weight loss programs:

  • Lose weight (fat) gradually & consistently

  • Still enjoy food

  • Make healthier choices because YOU want to

  • Improve your self confidence & self-esteem

  • Look better, I mean, much better!

  • You'll improve other aspects of your life like exercising more

  • You will move better and feel stronger

  • Be free from restrictions & become the best version of you possible

Does this seem familiar to you:

  • "One biscuit/cake/bread roll....... won't hurt, right?"

  • "I've ruined it anyway so why not carry on?"

  • "I can't let it go to waste"

  • "I'll start the diet tomorrow"

  • "It's easier for (insert name here) to lose weight because (insert excuse)"

  • Using food as a reward or eaten for emotional reasons (you deserve it, right?)

  • "I shouldn't have to restrict myself, life is too short"

  • Tried the latest diet only to put more weight back on after you'd finished

Don't worry, you are not alone!

Weight loss is one of the biggest battles many people face in society today, looking for the latest diet, magic pill or quick fix.

Hypnotherapy is not magic (although it may seem that way looking at the results) yet it will program in the correct behaviour patterns, thoughts towards food, manner in which you eat, quantity of food consumption and quality of nutritional intake to name a few.

The fact is,  by using Hypnotherapy your weight loss journey will become second nature, you'll simply begin to improve your eating habits after being given the positive suggestions through our session(s) and be well on your way to a new you!


Weight loss packages & prices

Hypnotherapy Berkshire has a huge advantage over it's competition by having a fully qualified Hypnotherapist who also happens to be a Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist, which means we offer ***Bespoke packages***  Simply ask for more details or click on a link:

Personal Training 

Sports Massage Therapy

Hypno Gastric Band - £299

You could spend £1000's on gastric band surgery or you can simply have the virtual hypnosis equivalent in only 2 sessions at a fraction of the price!

Have your unconscious mind onboard and acting as if the surgery has taken place so that you will only eat the amount of food necessary to keep you healthy, nourished & satisfied. 

Hypnoloss - £379

A 4 session hypnotherapy package with focus on rewiring/reprogramming your subconscious mind to change the way you view food. 3 of the sessions will be around 60 minutes each & spaced 1-2 weeks apart consecutively (#4 in the second month as a top up/follow up).

This is enough to set up most people on the right path to a new relationship with food & continue to lose weight (fat) whilst heading all the way towards your goal weight.


Hypnoloss Super - £599

A super package including everything Hypnoloss has to offer with the added bonus of the Hypno Gastric Band


Unsure if hypnotherapy is for you?

Please see our FAQ's




Individual session price 60 minutes: £120  per session

**3-4 sessions are usually required for steady, progressive results**

(No charge for any person deemed as unsuitable for hypnotherapy treatment during any initial consultation)

Cancellation Policy

Any session that's cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full


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