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Hypnotherapy Berkshire Provides Comprehensive Solutions For Self Improvement
Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching

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Sessions are available both online or in person (at Newbury Better Health & Fitness Centre)

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Stop Smoking &/or
Quit Vaping
  • Save money

  • Feel better

  • Look healthier

  • Smell fresher

  • Live Longer

  • Be in control of your life

Weight Loss
  • Be healthier

  • Live longer

  • Look amazing

  • Feel proud of yourself

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Everyday tasks made easier

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Bereavement & Depression Help
  • Begin to move forward

  • Process negative feelings

  • Accept some happiness again

  • Honour & enjoy memories

  • Find  inner strength

  • Discover helpful tools 

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Golfers Mental
  • Increase Confidence

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Improve Body Awareness

  • Remove Mental Blocks

  • Avoid Over Thinking

  • Perform Better & Be Consistent

Fear & Anxiety Help
  • Regain control

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Improve confidence

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Find normality again

  • Create a better future now


Jane Livesey - Dealing with grief & future health

I was no different from anyone else - at my first session with Lee I was pretty unsure whether it would help. I am delighted to say my hypnotherapy sessions did help me through one of the most difficult times. Not only did they help me cope with my grief but also enabled me to start slowly thinking about my future health & well-being. Thank you so much Lee. Your enthusiasm, optimism and positivity is contagious and just what I needed.

And, what I would say to anyone thinking about hypnotherapy - what are you waiting for - give Lee a call today 🤗

Claire Parsons - Stop Smoking package

I have been a non smoker for 3 weeks now all thanks to Lee and his Hypnotherapy session. All done in the comfort of my home via zoom. I have no cravings, I don't wake up in the morning with the thought of wanting a cigarette at all! I would highly recommend this method to anyone. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you Lee

Annette Medhurst - The FREE taster session!

Just been hypnotised by Lee to remove a very sad memory that has ruled my life for the past 3.5years. If I try to remember it now, I can't, because it's actually gone. Wish I used Lee's services years ago T. B. H. Extremely professional, I am very happy with the results.

Hypnotherapy Berkshire - Lee Busby

offers a comprehensive service to help clients reach their goals.

From improving confidence/performance to removing phobias and unwanted habits, I have the right technique/protocol to deal with your needs/requirements.

I use a solution focused approach which means we won't spend weeks or months talking about your issue(s) but simply decide upon a specific goal/outcome and aim for it.

Results can be seen in as little as 1 to 2 sessions in many cases.

There are some problems that will need more work and attention, including when multiple complaints are present but all of this will be made clear prior to us working together.

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to ensure we have the right tool for your situation.


The HYPNO in Hypnotherapy

It's important to understand that hypnosis is hypnosis whether it's used for entertainment on stage or within a clinical/therapy setting.

As an example, if you tell someone to pretend their foot is stuck to the floor then they could probably imagine what that would feel like.

Hypnosis is amplifier of state so if you did the same thing during a trance then it's possible to shift their focus around the idea, that idea becomes a belief and therefore that belief becomes a reality.

Using hypnosis as entertainment can be fun and having a person who has smoked 20 cigarettes per day for 15 years to become a non-smoker is also an amazing use of hypnosis.


I want your transformation(s) to be positive and long lasting.

There are so many great things that your mind is capable of when you simply allow it to work for you.

I have the key to unlocking your potential, so just let me guide you through the process & start seeing some amazing results today.

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