Stop Smoking Package

I know I should give up smoking but I can't.......

People say it takes more will power to go outside and smoke in the cold than to quit but I think it just shows how bad my addiction is.


Sound familiar?

Most smokers have said many times “that’s it, no more cigarettes” and then 5 minutes later they tell themselves “I could do with a cigarette now” as their demons try to take control. It is the unconscious mind that is driving that urge to smoke.

Smoking is referred to as a habit because it's not a natural movement/behaviour, it's something you've had to learn.

It's now become automatic because the behaviour is so embedded into your life.

It could be triggered by your morning routine whether it's the first thing you do when you wake up, something that's done with a coffee or perhaps you spark up as soon as you get into your car or take a break at work? There's a trigger in amongst your routine that tells you; it's time for another cigarette.


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Stop Smoking with complete peace of mind;

  • Be FREE at last, cigarettes will no longer control your life! (be free in around 90 minutes)

  • Treatment by a professional Hypnotherapist

  • Be proud of yourself that you’ve finally done it

  • Feel an improved sense of well-being in minutes

  • As a non-smoker you will feel relaxed, happy & healthy

  • Most people only need one session! (a follow up session is free on the rare occasion it's needed)

  • Quiet, confidential, consulting room or choose our mobile service

  • Whether you smoke 5 a week or 20 per day, Hypnotherapy can help anyone with a genuine desire to quit

  • Be totally confident in the knowledge that you CAN do it

What is the value to you?

If you could be free from your habit completely, what would that give you?

How much value do you put on your quality of life?

Smoking Cessation is a great example of one of our most premium packages.

If someone wants to quit, lets say they smoke 15 cigarettes per day, assuming in this example that a pack of 20 is on average £10, that's £52.50 per week, £228.13 per month & £2737.50 per year!


Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy Berkshire requires an investment of £190.

As long as you meet certain criteria, that means you could stop smoking forever following an intensive 1.5-2 hours session. Stop for life, for good, forever!

Just looking at that from a financial perspective is a no-brainer & that's without even mentioning the health benefits.



Concerns that you may have:

Cigarettes help you to relax:

Tobacco is actually a stimulant, not a relaxant. Smoking causes stress (all those worries about health, money or just worrying about when you’re going to get your next cigarette)

It’s going to be really difficult to quit:

Did you know that there are an estimated 14 million ex-smokers in the UK, more than still smoke – if all of those people can do it, how about you?

I’ll put on weight afterwards:

Giving up cigarettes is one of the best things you can do for your overall health & wellbeing.

Replacing smoking with eating would lead to putting on weight but replacing it with healthy habits will make you feel better, live longer & look amazing!

If you still need help, it's lucky that Lee Busby also offers Personal Training too.

What's the investment for becoming a non-smoking?

You can be smoke free for only £190!

(No charge for any person deemed as unsuitable for hypnotherapy treatment during

any initial consultation)

How much you would spend this year if you don't stop smoking?

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be charged £30


Book your FREE consultation now

A free follow up session is available within the first month of the stop smoking package, however  it is very rarely required

(No charge for any person deemed as unsuitable for hypnotherapy treatment during

any initial consultation)

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