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"Sorry it’s taken me a little time to leave feedback but I waited to make sure that this worked for me and I can say hand on heart it has 😊 I have a way to go on my journey yet but it’s been 10 weeks since my first session and I am down 1 stone and feel great in myself, I haven’t craved any chocolate or biscuits and no binging, I would have lost more weight if I could get out more.
Lee makes you feel at ease when you meet him, I had 3 online session which was very good and safe I would recommend Lee but you must be open minded and want it to work" - Jill Miles - Thatcham, Berkshire

"I’m still not sure hypnotherapy is a real thing and if you ask anyone that knows me I’m a cynic of anything like this but I haven’t smoked for over a week and it’s been so easy. I’ve tried a million times with every aid possible with no success but this worked don’t ask me how or why it just did" - Alan Jones - Thatcham, Berkshire

"The first for any change in life is to acknowledge that we need help and we are willing to go through what's needed to solve it. I was mostly burdened by past childhood memories and fears that were affecting my present and ultimately my future outcomes as-well. The sessions becomes quickly part of my weekly feel good moments as the results were instant after each session; I felt relaxed and kind of lighter vibe to daily things. The progress is shown in my new me and the way I react to different challenging life situations which I'm no longer fear. I really highly recommend Lee who is a very talented and experienced hypnotist who has the beautiful goal of helping and supporting people in achieving their goals in simple and effective way. Thank you Lee !" - N Ben

"Highly recommend Lee! I've had 3 sessions with him to help overcome a terrible loss and traumatic events. Hes helped me with a number of issues such as helping me come off sleeping pills, processing a traumatic event which stopped me from sleeping, and now to loose weight and be confident again within my own skin. Lee has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful. Early days but already feeling so much better. Not comfort eating anymore and sleeping so much better too. He helped me to help myself. Without Lee's help, it would have been impossible to overcome SO much trauma and feel good again. God bless Lee xxx" - Somia Mahboob - Newbury, Berkshire

"I had two sessions with Lee online, in the first session he impressed me (more correctly - blew my mind) when he hypnotized me super quickly and made me forget my name and glue my hand to my head, it was incredible! At the end of this quick hypnotic demonstration he gave a gift of confidence, that serves me still today! Besides his natural charm he was super professional and i felt at ease to have another session and ask his guidance to over come a personal obstacle. 4 days after our session I experienced a change in my behavior and once again my mind was blown away by the result of our work. I highly recommend to allow your self the experience of working with Lee." - Roi Werner

"I was pretty open minded about the whole concept of hypnotherapy although, I really wasn’t sure what to expect or that it would work on me. I was pleasantly surprised!

Lee put me right at ease, explained the whole process and then just went straight to work.

After just one short session I have felt so much benefit, right from the get-go. I’m making a list Lee, I’ll be in touch soon to book the next one!" Keith Donnelly- London

"The hypnotherapy taster session was amazing, it really made me feel so relaxed and at ease and I can wholeheartedly recommend Lee without a doubt!" Tracey Wood 

"I approached Lee as a fellow professional hypnotherapist for some online peer training and he led me through some hypnotic techniques and experiences which were both powerful and interesting and will be invaluable for sharing with my clients during therapy sessions. Lee is helpful, friendly and professional. Recommended." Jane Stewart, hypnotherapist

"I was a little skeptical of using hypnotherapy but Lee was great at explaining exactly what was going to happen in great informative detail.
I went in with an open mind and Lee always made sure I was relaxed and comfortable.
I had a very positive experience and definitely recommend Hypnotherapy Berkshire for what ever your requirements are.
Since our first and only session so far the treatment has had the desired affect. I was looking to remove that craving after meals for something sweet mainly chocolate and since the session the craving has gone. It's amazing I really didn't think going in to this I would actually achieve much but it has and it was immediate.
Thanks Lee I've been trying all sorts of ways to combat this issue and you've given me something that works." Rob Stephenson - Newbury, Berkshire

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