"I was pretty open minded about the whole concept of hypnotherapy although, I really wasn’t sure what to expect or that it would work on me. I was pleasantly surprised!

Lee put me right at ease, explained the whole process and then just went straight to work.

After just one short session I have felt so much benefit, right from the get-go. I’m making a list Lee, I’ll be in touch soon to book the next one!" Keith Donnelly- London

"I was a little skeptical of using hypnotherapy but Lee was great at explaining exactly what was going to happen in great informative detail.
I went in with an open mind and Lee always made sure I was relaxed and comfortable.
I had a very positive experience and definitely recommend Hypnotherapy Berkshire for what ever your requirements are.
Since our first and only session so far the treatment has had the desired affect. I was looking to remove that craving after meals for something sweet mainly chocolate and since the session the craving has gone. It's amazing I really didn't think going in to this I would actually achieve much but it has and it was immediate.
Thanks Lee I've been trying all sorts of ways to combat this issue and you've given me something that works." Rob Stephenson - April 2020

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