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Street & Stage Hypnosis

Available for  weddings, parties & event bookings now

Book Lee Busby for a stage hypnosis show or event by simply getting in touch via the Contact Us page.

Whether it's for a wedding, party, corporate event or any other function, we are able to provide the right style of performance to suit your requirements.

Contact us & book an appointment

Street & Stage Hypnosis

Here is the fun side of hypnosis where people can leave their lives behind & just enjoy an experience for a time.

Hypnosis can allow you to be fully immersed into a new reality or so it may seem that way to the person having the experience.

It can be like the best virtual reality system that hasn't even been invented yet, you can touch, hear, feel, taste & smell things that aren't really there.

You can forget something that you know so well (even your own name!), your limbs can become stuck, you may even have vivid hallucinations, the possibilities are almost endless.

You could be on a beach at 5 star resort one moment then flying to the moon the next, be a rock star or even meet one!

You could be taken back 1000 years in a time machine or find yourself in the distant future, you may even watch as the hypnotist becomes invisible before your very eyes.

After the journey of a lifetime draws to a close, you will feel like you've had the best nights sleep of your life, be totally revitalised & motivated for the future.

Your only regret will be why you didn't get hypnotised sooner.

Entertainment hypnosis is only restricted by the imagination so the better you (the participant) can follow instructions & use your imagination then the more interesting the overall experience will be.

Who can be hypnotised?

Lee Busby says that he can hypnotise anyone who wants to be hypnotised but if you're looking for a battle of the minds by the hypnotist & yourself then it won't work because it's more of a collaborative event than a fight to see who has a more powerful mind.

How can I be hypnotised by Lee Busby?

You can apply for a FREE hypnotic taster session by filling in the form on the Home page.

Unsure if Hypnotherapy is for you?

Please see our FAQ's

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