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Golfers Mental Fitness



The biggest difference between a good athlete and a world class athlete could simply be their mental focus. 

Having confidence & belief in your own ability whilst maintaining a winning attitude are all crucial to performing at ones best.

All of which can be helped with hypnotherapy, Arnold Palmer said "Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind" while Phil Mickelson suggests "Mental rehearsal is just as important as physical rehearsal" which is absolutely true and if you're reading this then I'm pretty sure that you can relate too.

Our minds can be our worst critics and even the cause of many mishaps whilst on the course, from a negative internal voice telling you that you're going to mess up or even just the idea of chipping yips making you lose focus.

Some negative beliefs and thoughts come from past experiences, whilst others could be created by our imagination or even given to us by another person.

Add this to a game that allows way too much time to think about a movement before it's executed and you have a recipe for disaster if those intrusive thoughts are not dealt with or kept in check.

Hypnotherapy & NLP can help improve your golf performance by:

  • Removing negative or intrusive thoughts

  • Improving confidence

  • Giving you the mindset & persona of a top performer

  • Increasing motivation

  • Programming complex movement patterns into your unconscious & remove the need to over analyse

  • Enhancing proprioception (body awareness)

  • Using previous successful performances as an anchor to trigger more favourable outcomes

  • Removing mental obstacles to success, such as fears/anxieties

  • Installing a winning attitude & remove the "under dog" mentality

  • Improving nutritional intake

  • Assisting in controlling pain

  • Increasing concentration

  • Helping you master the mental game

  • Learning to visualise the desired outcome and achieving it

  • Overcoming inconsistent or poor performances

  • Finding ways to feel more comfortable even whilst competing 

  • Discovering how you can model another golfers performance and adopt some of their abilities

  • And so much more!

To truly reach your golfing potential, it's of paramount importance that you have control over your state of mind.

Our minds are like super computers that run programs like software, some of which benefit us but some can have a detrimental affect on our lives.

As an experienced and highly qualified hypnotherapist, I can help you install good/positive behaviours which can allow you to master your own mind .

Isn't it time that you start using all of the tools at your disposal?

Since they say golf is 10% physical and 90% mental, perhaps it's time to invest in your mental game too, don't you think?

Golfers Silver Package - £299

This package consists of 3 x sessions focusing on how you can improve your current performance with attention to gaining more resourceful states and anchoring better patterns of behaviour.

Golfers Gold Package - £449

Weekly sessions over a 6 week period to become a real master of your own mind, giving you the tools & focus to perfect the mental part of your game.

Unlock your true potential & overcome obstacles that perhaps seemed impossible to remove in the past.







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