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Experience hypnosis through the screen, find your "special place" plus a BONUS hypnotic gift for you

Become hypnotised as Lee Busby guides you into trance and enables you to access your "special place". A place where you can find complete relaxation as well as find motivation and focus.

This video also includes a BONUS hypnotic gift in the form of a new ability, attribute or skill that you'd like to acquire. It can be anything from improving confidence, more creative, increased performance, better learning, staying calm under pressure and so on.

Lee guides you into trance after using some imagination games as an inroad to a hypnotic trance.

Be taken deep into hypnosis so you can find your own special place that you will be able to access forever more.

Gain a new skill/attribute from someone that you admire or perhaps even envy for their talent but don't worry because they will give you the keys to their success in this video.

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