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Gain More Confidence With This Easy Technique

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

For anyone who is self conscious or anxious, watching someone who is confident can seem unobtainable.

If you've ever struggled with nerves or anxiety, the thought of having to talk in front of a group of people can seem terrifying but some how there are other people who appear to do it effortlessly.

What's different?

Why are they so confident?

Most things in life can be put down to mindset because it's our internal representation of an event (whether past, future or present) that triggers the type of emotional/physical response we achieve.

This means our experiences or at least our perceptions can have a great impacted on what will happen moving forward.

If we've had bad experiences then these events can lead to fear, anxiety & are often avoided at all costs but if someone has good experiences then the opposite can be true & a person can even thrive on events that could terrify another individual.


OK, but it almost seems too easy that it can be hard to believe how powerful it is.

Just simply ACT AS IF you are confident and confidence will come more naturally to you.

Literally break it down by asking yourself what's the difference between a confident person and a nervous person.

How do they stand? hunched over or tall

How do they breathe? fast & shallow or deep & controlled

What's their eye contact like and so on.

Model a person that is confident and adopt those traits, just pretend you are confident like you're playing a character and you will naturally become a more confident person.

You can achieve so many things in life by just acting as if it's true, just pretend you are confident, then pretend you're not pretending any more! ;)

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