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How to remove a fear or phobia

Fears & Phobias could be a thing of the past (quite literally) for people living in Newbury, Berkshire 🥳 It's important to understand that only fear of falling & fear of loud noises are present when we are born, which means all other fears are created later in life.

In this video I talk about the Initial Sensitising Event which is often the root cause of a fear or phobia, the time when the foundations were set for this problem to occur at least.

These triggers or activating events that link to the ISE can actually worsen over time and branch out into broader areas too🌴

An example could be someone having a fear of the ocean which then over time could become a fear of water in general or even any reflective or shiny surface 💦🌊🪞

These issues are created and then reinforce neurological pathways in the brain that require reprogramming in order to fully deal with the ISE.

It's possible to see dramatic improvement and even remove problems like this in a very short period of time with hypnotherapy.

If this makes sense or intrigues you in anyway, shape or form then you're in luck.

I don't charge a single penny to find out if HYPNOTHERAPY is right for you.

You can book a 100% FREE taster session/consultations to ask questions, I will debunk the misconceptions about hypnosis and even give you the chance to experience how it works and have a real hypnotic event.

You will then know & understand how this could potentially help with not only this but a wide range of issues because your mind is so powerful, it just needs a bit of a nudge in the right direction to initiate lasting change.

Start with a totally FREE taster session/consultation & choose from:

✅ In person at Newbury Better Health & Fitness Centre (previously BST) - Park Way, Newbury RG14 1EE

✅ Online via Zoom

✅No obligation to book anything after the taster session

✅ 5 Star Rated Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Call/Text: 07736515281

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