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What do you try to do?

The word TRY is associated with failure in our minds, just the way the word is used means that our brains automatically put less effort into a task or future visualised event when it has try within the language used to describe it.

You've probably heard the saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again", it's literally embedded into our minds that you try, then fail, then try and fail again and so on!

Try is even used as an excuse to get out of something or after you were supposed to do something.

If a friend asks you to help build a shed at the weekend and you respond with "I'll try and get over to help", you've not actually confirmed anything other than a vague or uncertain likelihood of your intention to perhaps turn's useless, it means nothing.

A couple of days after your friend built the shed without your help and you say "sorry mate, I did TRY and get over" guess what, you failed to do it and really they should have known that was likely to happen because you'd only ever said that you'd try.

Try implies failure, either do something or not, don't just try!

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