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Perhaps you just aren't ready to be a non-smoker

The fact is, people don't like change even if it's for their own good. As human beings we like routine and familiarity for the most part and anything that challenges that ideal or deviates from the norm can be seen as difficult, uncomfortable and perhaps unnecessary. Interestingly, our minds literally function in the same way by finding patterns and favouring the same processes that have been used time and time again. Another issue that may hold many people back is our minds don't like the idea of losing something or giving anything up. When you think about stopping smoking or quitting vaping for example, you can see how that might be a struggle for a mind that doesn't want to let go of anything. This habit that you've had for so long, the familiar thing is just part of your life right? It's been an integral piece of your waking life for such a chunk of time that the idea and thought that YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IT NOW could feel you with dread and anxiety! So what's the solution to this problem? Simply understand that when you do become a non-smoker, you will not actually be losing anything but you will gain so much! Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health and it costs more and more money each year etc but most people still don't fully appreciate the fact that smoking doesn't do anything positive towards your life and it gives no value to your mental or physically well-being. WRITE A LIST OF PRO'S AND CON'S FOR SMOKING The con's list can probably fill an A4 sheet of paper, where as the pro's page will be very short indeed. In fact, when you really think about it and are totally honest with yourself, there aren't actually any pro's for smoking at all, just a few misplaced beliefs and a habit that's got it's claws extremely deep into your daily routine for so long that it used to seem like you couldn't be without it. I know it's just a matter of time before you say enough is enough and commit to being smoke free. I know that when you're ready, you can and you will quit because you are already part of the way there or you wouldn't even be reading this email. The steps that you've already taken are awesome and it's lead you this far, so there's not much else left to do. When you're ready for the next step.... You can book your FREE Zoom consultation with no obligation (Value; £49) SMOKE FREE LIFE You'll then receive confirmation of the appointment shortly after with the Zoom link.

Let me know if you have any questions although we can discuss most things during the consultation.

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