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Finally, the REAL reason for this overweight/obesity problem

Whether the belief is that it's a sugar addiction, emotional eating, genetics, hormones, cravings/binging or something else, there's an explanation that actually makes perfect sense.

There are lots of different diets you can follow and groups you can join to try and lose a few pounds.

Some of the diets I think are quite good and others not so much but the issue isn't with the diet plan per se.

There are plenty of people who lose weight using these methods, especially when they stick at it.

So what's the problem already?!!? I hear you say people of Newbury.

Well, too often an individual will lose weight for a specific event or time period then go back to how they were beforehand or perhaps even heavier.

Most people know this as “Yo-Yo dieting” and there are several reasons for this including the belief that the goal or time period for being good has been achieved.

This creates the misconception that it's OK to go back to “normal eating” whereby said person will inevitably put on the pounds again but due to the change in body composition and often a decrease in Basal Metabolic Rate, the individual actually requires less calories at rest than they used to and will often add even more fat than they had previously.

That's just the tip of the iceberg though...

What does every single reason/excuse for putting on weight have in common?

They are all either learned behaviours like habits and/or they are controlled by your mind.

Whether it's through association, such as a certain time of day or the place regularly used to carry out the eating habit/routine, the lack of will power needed to be good or simply being able to play the long game and be healthier.

It doesn't matter whether it's low self-esteem, a love of food or just a bad habit that makes the weight keep piling on, all of these things can be addressed by accessing and reprogramming the unconscious mind!

It's possible to eat healthy food and enjoy it, the same way it's possible to not buy that snack from the shop at lunch or not have such a large portion of food for dinner.

DIETS all require will power and often have an end or completion date.

A change in lifestyle and perception is what's needed and not just another diet.

By using HYPNOSIS it's even possible to stop liking or craving the stuff that's bad for you and guess what? If you no longer want or crave in the same way then surely being healthier is much easier right?!

Exactly, that's the point!

If this makes sense or intrigues you in anyway, shape or form then you're in luck.

I don't charge a single penny to find out if HYPNOTHERAPY is right for you.

You can book a 100% FREE taster session/consultations to ask questions, I will debunk the misconceptions about hypnosis and even give you the chance to experience how it works and have a real hypnotic event.

You will then know & understand how this could potentially help with not only this but a wide range of issues because your mind is so powerful, it just needs a bit of a nudge in the right direction to initiate lasting change.

Start with a totally FREE taster session/consultation & choose from:

✅ In person at Newbury Better Health & Fitness Centre (previously BST) - Park Way, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1EE

✅ Online via Zoom

✅No obligation to book anything after the taster session



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