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Dealing with Fear & Anxiety using hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is great at dealing with fears, phobias and anxieties as it enables us to rewire the brain to relieve and sometimes completely remove the negative feelings associated with them.

It's important to recognise that almost all of these fears/anxieties are learned responses and not something that you're born with (fear of loud noises and falling are the exceptions).

What's the difference between an anxiety & a fear/phobia?

It's noteworthy that these 2 things are quite different for a couple of reasons:

DIGITAL vs ANALOG problems.

A fear/phobia is a DIGITAL problem which means a person with a fear of spiders can be totally fine but as soon as they see a spider, it'll set off their negative response (which again may vary from freezing to screaming and running away).

An anxiety is an ANALOG problem with a sliding scale which can move up and down depending on the circumstances.

The 2nd difference is that anxieties are fears of future events, so something that hasn't even happened yet but true fears/phobias have their roots in the past.

Some anxieties may also have some links to the past which have created the anxiety but the symptoms still manifest when thinking about future moments in time.

Where to get help

Make sure any therapist you decide to get help from fully understands your problem and how to deal with it as using the wrong tools for either of these issues may not yield the best results.

To find out more about hypnotherapy or to discuss an issue/problem that you'd like help with, simply book a FREE online taster session and consultation here:

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